Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lady in Red - Cabbage Revisited

We're having another wave of surplus cabbage in the garden.  If you remember last month when I harvested the Savoy cabbage  and made one (which turned out OK) and then a second batch of sauerkraut. Well the second batch is percolating along just fine, in fact it’s fantastic – what an improvement over the first batch - way too much salt.

The last of the cabbage is ripening in the garden and giving us a magnificent harvest of blushing red beauties.  And tasty - much better than the Savoy which we let grow too long.

Obviously sauerkraut success has gone to my head.   With my first attempts turning out so well, I thought what the heck, lets see what red cabbage will do.

Success again - this time with a nice tinge of ruby.

I’m amazed at how easy making sauerkraut has been, practically the easiest thing I’ve attempted yet as far as letting beneficial bacteria grow and ferment. 

I guess we’ll be eating lots of brats and sauerkraut this winter. If I get really ambitious choucourte garni.  Seriously though, easy or not, I've got to stop making this stuff or I'll be forced to give it away, kind of like zucchini.

Life is good – bye for now.


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