Monday, July 23, 2012

Lovely Luscious Lavender

On a warm summer morning a sweet scent fills the air, the bees are singing and your eyes are filled with the purple haze of lavender.  All your senses are at work - the lovely, luscious lavender is in bloom in the WV.

In the past twenty years lavender farms have been cropping up all over the WV establishing a new industry in agri-tourism for Oregon, giving locals and visitors the chance to visit Oregon's fragrant countryside at it's best.  A list of all the lavender farms in the WV is available at the Oregon Lavender Association  website.  Check them out, there's bound to be a farm close to you.
Aside from the incredible views of rows of lavender and the intoxicating scent that fills the air, there are many reasons for visiting a farm when the lavender is in bloom.  These farmers are usually avid gardeners and maintain the farmstead grounds like miniature botanical gardens as well.  With meticulously groomed gardens and the magic of the lavender fields, the farms are a photographer's paradise, and an inspiration for any fellow gardener.
One very such place, only a mile from where I live, is the Sundance Lavender Farm.  They will be open to the public on Saturdays all through July (Lavender Festival time here in the WV). Just outside of Salem, they cultivate a couple of acres of lavender and sell various lavender products from the little lavender cottage situated on the property.   Aside from farming lavender they also produce and sell various lavender infused jams and jellies at the downtown Portland Farmers Market on the Park Blocks every Wednesday and Saturday.

So if you are looking for something to do over the weekend, you might take a drive out to rural Oregon and check out the lovely, luscious lavender.

Life is good - bye for now!   E

Don't Forget:  Buy local when you can!


Aimee said...

Such a great description of the WV right now. Driving behind broccoli trucks and seeing the fields bursting with their bounty makes me glad to be an Oregonian.

Great read!! Keep it coming. I can live vicariously through you for now : ) .


Evelyn said...

Aimee! Thanks so much. I've been tweeking the appearance so let me know what you think! E