Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pennsylvania Pictorial

This month it was time for a long overdue trip to visit friends who had moved from the West Coast to Pennsylvania. This was my first trip to the Quaker State. The first thing I noticed was  how much Downtown Pittsburg looks like Portland, and then (just like Portland) in no time your out in a countryside which is strikingly similar Oregon.

It was one of those trips spent visiting the smaller cities and towns around the Amish country, the battlefields of Gettysburg, historic Johnstown, and the somber, yet serene Flight 93 Memorial. We were on a pretty tight schedule taking in all the history that has formed the framework of what our country is today.  

With all this sightseeing we were fortunate enough to find a wonderfully secluded rural bed and breakfast appropriately named the Swiss Woods Inn located in the town of Lititz the heart of Lancaster County (Amish territory).  It truly was idyllic, where you could reconnect with nature, discover history, and experience Pennsylvania Dutch culture, lulling you back to a slower, gentler time.  Plus if you were not careful you could put on a bit of weight devouring their sumptuous breakfasts.  First morning there we woke up to enjoy their featured recipe of the month, Pumpkin Pancakes with Lemon Apples.
The owner of this charming inn has teamed up with several other bed and breakfast owners around the country and started a blog about their recipes, kitchen wisdom, and anything that is foodie related.  It is appropriately named, "Eight Broads in the Kitchen."  
I warn you the recipes are not for the weight watcher crowd, but they involve good, fresh ingredients avoiding the fast food approach to cooking or eating.  That’s what I call “kitchen wisdom”.

Battlefields of Gettysburg

Pennsylvania Countryside

It was a wonderful trip, but as Dorothy put it, "there's no place like home".

Bye for now - Evelyn

REMEMBER:  Buy Local When you Can!


Aimee said...

Wooow! These photos of Pennsylvania are fantastic Evelyn. You are really good at capturing a feeling and the moment. Thanks for sharing these! The memorial is very sobering and brings back memories of that day. The reminder is good.

Evelyn Meadows said...

Thanks Aimee - It was a beautiful trip and a beautiful state. Evelyn