Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Year of the Cabbage

It seems like I might have gotten the broccoli seeds and the cabbage seeds mixed up because there's way more cabbage than expected and very little broccoli. I started to notice something not quite right at the beginning of the season when cabbage heads began to take form where clearly I had planted broccoli.  And the weather must have been perfect because I’m left with a plethora of gorgeous Savoy cabbage.

So I was sitting in the kitchen wondering what to do with them when it struck me - sauerkraut.  The idea was enticing and exciting like making cheese or beer or wine!   

With no experience or knowledge about fermenting vegetables I scoured the internet becoming overwhelmed with all the available information and recipes. 
I started my first batch tentatively, but optimistic and I didn’t stop with sauerkraut as I’d read so much about the wonders (both taste and medicinal) of Kimchi and decided to go for the gusto – so to speak.

The sauerkraut was rather straight forward, basically shredded cabbage layered with salt and a little salted water if the cabbage didn’t yield enough.  On the other hand the Kimchi involved several different and exotic ingredients, and I had to use my Savoy cabbage instead of the traditional Napa.  None of the recipes on line were the same, using different ingredients, proportions, methods and fermentation timing.  I decided to take what to me was the best from each recipe and go with it. 

After 5 days into the fermentation process I’m encouraged about the sauerkraut and might try for another batch.  I’ve tasted the Kimchi and so far it’s not bad, although I’m not convinced it’s good either.

I’m not sure if this was a good idea but it’s been a fascinating journey into the unknown, watching all those vegetables bubble and change.   I’ll keep you posted on how it works out.

Wish me luck!  Evelyn

Give it a try recipes with sauerkraut (or Kimchi).  (No guarantees here, just adventure)

Vietnamese Pork Ribs in Caramel Sauce - ChubbyHubby - came highly recommended

Perfect Asian Rice - David Lebovitz - worth a try

German Chocolate Sauerkraut Cake - Tast of Home - definitely worth a try

Bibimguksu (Spicy Mixed Noodles) - Maangchi -I'll try this one this week.  I think the Kimchi will be ready?

Choucroute Garnie - Epicurious - I've had this, fabulous classic German dish.

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