Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DAY ONE - The Good Life

Welcome to the first of hopefully many posts on the good life in the Willamette Valley.  This is my first experience with a blog so bear with me as I have a lot to learn about taking photos that will warm you heart, and making life sound as good as it is in the WV.

I'd like to write about some of the amazing things going that you may not know about like good places to eat or interesting events happening around the valley.  One thing for sure - Summer here couldn't be better.  Right now we have lavender blooming in the fields, blueberries ready to pick, apples growing on the trees, flowers everywhere, incredible art, and dungeness crab.  So there's a lot to talk about and did I mention the cherries ready for harvest?  It might be nice to hear from you about some places you might find amazing here in the WV.

It's a fantastic place, especially in the Summer - and the temp is only going to be 78 today - so take that Eastern Seaboard!

I thought I'd start today with showing you a couple of pictures of the incredible German Pancake made with my granddaughters this morning.  It is the best, most amazing delicious pancake in the WV - made with apples grown in the Pacific Northwest.   Recipe would follow if requested by any of you.  So I'll sign off with this as my first posting.  

Oh - I can't resist throwing in a picture of the lavender blooming in the WV now.  It is lavender festival time here so if you have a chance visit a lavender farm, they are open to the public and you can pick all the lavender you can carry.

Life is good!  E


Ellie Gonzalez said...

Oh I love the lavender! Where do I go?

Evelina said...

Hi Ellie! Nice to hear from you. Here is the url for a listing of all the lavender farms in the WV courtesy of the Oregon Lavender Association. The lavender only blooms once a year so don't wait too long to visit!

Life is good - E

Anonymous said...

Love your blog - keep going - also, I want your pancake recipe, please!

Evelina said...

Thanks so much! The recipe will be published in the recipe page today. E

Michelle said...

It was so nice to see the expansion at Napoleon's. Your pictures are beautiful and I agree, the gelato at Napoleon's is amazing!

Evelyn said...

Thanks Michelle, we had a really nice time, even went back twice! E

Pete said...

The dried cherries look amazing, you are so talented! Thanks for all the great information.

Anonymous said...

Jim and I did not let the basil grow under our feet and immediately made your basil/potato/green bean dish. Also, we are swimming in green beans. It was very good, and we'll make it again.

Sandy R.