About Me

Hello there!   You do realize that there hasn't been a word written in this blog for the last 8 months. Truth is I've been traveling around the country experiencing the great USA and discovering good things wherever I go.  This last year I had been blogging about the unique and special qualities of life in the Willamette Valley in Oregon - now I think  I should broaden my viewpoint and write about experiencing the good life everywhere - no boundary's.  New beginnings - who knows where it will take us!

Welcome to "field notes" a journal sharing the good life wherever it happens.


Aimee said...

I'm telling you, Oregon needs a magazine like this featuring all that is fabulous about the WV. You could even call it "the WV" . Very simple but also conveys the new and up and coming vibe of the area. What does it even take to do a publication??? Oh well, just a thought.

Counting down the days!!

cindy said...

Sounds good to me!!! Excited to read all about it!