Thursday, October 18, 2012

Saturday Afternoon in Portland

Spend an afternoon in Portland sometime.  Meander around one of those unique districts that Portland has to offer with quaint cafes and even quainter shops.  It puts the pizzaz back into your thinking and gets the creative juices flowing.

This Saturday I was in the Pearl, but there are other districts in the city which give off their own unique vibe as well.  The original purpose for the trip was to check out an urban garden shop for some new garden design ideas.  But as soon as I parked the car I couldn't resist the lure of the street.

The Pearl District is made up of old warehouses converted into new swanky condos, and busy hip shops with an amazing diversity of people, and things to do and see. I wondered into the cool Pro Guitar Shop (a brave new world in that place for sure) - the largest guitar shop in the Portland Metro area with an amazing wall display of any guitar you'd ever want to see or play.   Then there was the French Cut Hair Salon - effortlessly seductive and charming!  I couldn't resist popping in for a peek at their very chic salon and they were graciously welcoming - like meeting an old friend.

Made another stop at the Tea Zone and Camilla Lounge - tea, coffee, jazz, blues, cocktails, food - who would think about putting all those things together and yet it worked so well.  Then on down the street you'll find the exquisite French Quarter Linens - luxurious, stylish, sophisticated, elegant and expensive, but worth a look for some fresh ideas.

Now there's no shortage of incredible places to eat in Portland.  In fact it's pretty overwhelming unless you have something specific in mind before you make the trip.  It was Lebanese food that was on my mind and I was determined to get it.  And there's no better place in town then Nicholas Lebanese Restaurant on Grand Avenue just across the river.

Outside it looks a little like a bit of a hole in the wall, but inside awaits the most delicious middle eastern food you'll likely get in Oregon.  They are open all day and serve a variety of meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes, in fact, the menu is daunting. So watch out - your eyes can be bigger than you stomach in this place.  To get you started you'll be served a mouth watering giant, fluffy, steaming pita along with a herb olive oil dip.  The main courses are huge, in fact they could easily serve two.  Nicholas's is a bustling energetic place with a touch of middle eastern ambience.  Great eats too!

As I said in the beginning - spend an afternoon in Portland sometime - it stimulates the mind and soul.

Life is good - bye for now.  Evelyn

REMEMBER:  Buy Local When You Can!

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