Thursday, July 19, 2012

Napoleon's - French Creperie and Gelatoria

Because my grand daughters were with me this week we decided to have lunch at the best little French bistro in Salem.  Once a simple little gelateria and creperie shop inside the Reed Opera House, Napoleons expanded into a full size eatery about eight months ago.

The place is perfectly located on the lower level of the Reed, right on the corner of Liberty and Court. The atmosphere, food and wait staff are delightful - a fantastic place for lunch with friends or family. Our waitress was very pleasant, attentive and efficient.

The decor is wonderfully French, cozy and comfortable in this historic vintage building.

Classic French onion soup is served everyday (it's delicious) and the pizza is really quite good with a wide array of choices, although I do prefer a thinner crust. Try the Mediterranean it was delish with basil pesto!

I might add that the galato is the real thing - authentic and, oh my, if you're a chocolate lover it's the best.

For the girls this has become our special place. So add this to your list of good places!
As for the Reed Opera House - this building is home to an interesting array of eclectic shops - from the tattoo parlor to the Little Cannoli Bakery which I will tell you all about in my next post.

Life is good - bye for now! E

UPDATE 10/5/2013:  I regret to write that Napoleon's has closed their doors, evidently they have been closed for some time, the space being taken over by a hat shop.   It's too bad - Napoleon's really was a nice place for lunch.  All I can say is "DARN".


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