Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fantastic Fern Fotos

One of the main reasons I live in the WV is because plants grow phenomenally.  I’m not saying it’s the only reason, but if you love to grow things this is a big consideration.  At about the end of February the WV comes alive and by May it’s a veritable Jurassic park.  I have a back yard, which I call my woodland garden, enveloped in shade and dabbled sunlight.  It is the perfect place for a fern garden, which thrive and multiply without much effort from me.

There are at least fourteen species of Pacific Northwest fern here in Oregon.  From tough sword ferns to delicate maidenhairs, ferns flourish on our moist, shady forest floor.  The toughest of these, the Western Sword Fern, grows vigoriously, in sun or shade, as ground cover on woodland slopes, bogs, and throughout the wetland.  This evergreen beauty is long lived, hearty, and massive sometimes reaching three feet tall and five feet wide.

Although I appreciate the Sword Fern and rely on it to luxuriously cover my hillside, my favorite is the pretty little Maidenhair Fern.  This one is very delicate and refined with jewel green foliage and contrasting black stems.
Although the Western Maidenhead is very hearty, the one I adore is the florist variety which is a little more picky about the cold.  But I keep coming back for more so she must be worth it.
Today I was inspired to catch the graceful elegance of this plant through my camera lens.  All of these ferns are growing someplace in the garden on my property and make it through our temperate, though chilly winters.
Enjoy the summer!
Life is good - Bye for now.  E

REMEMBER:  buy local is you can!

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